Vitality, Wound and Hit Points

Vitality Points

Vitality points (VP) are a measure of a character’s ability to turn a direct hit into a graze or a glancing blow with no serious consequences. Vitality points are based on the character’s class, level, skills, feats and other mechanics. Most types of damage reduce vitality points.

Wound Points

Wound points (WP) measure how much true physical damage a character can withstand. Damage reduces wound points only after all vitality points are gone. A character has a number of wound points equal to her current Constitution score.

Hit Points

Hit points (HP) are equivalent to vitality points but for inanimate objects like walls and armor. A object’s hit point total depends on what it is made of and how big it is. When an object’s hit points reach 0, it’s ruined. The distinction between VP and HP is largely semantic, and unless otherwise specified any attack deals equal damage to both vitality, hit and – when applicable – wound points.

Epic Vitality and Hit Points

Epic vitality points (EVP) and epic hit points (EHP) are stronger versions of vitality and hit points used for extremely powerful creatures and objects respectively, and together are known as epic damage. 1 point of epic damage is equivalent to 100 points of normal damage. Creatures or gear that use epic damage will be clearly noted. Normal damage below 100 cannot decrease EVP or EHP, and is always rounded down to the nearest 100.