The skill system allows for some customization during character creation and during character advancement. It allows for some up-front choices and a few down the road. This system works for players and game masters by granting the versatility of a skill system without worrying about counting up every skill points and adjusting skills every level.

The system treats each skill as either a known skill or an unknown skill. A character is considered to have a bonus of equal to the character’s level in any skill known to that character, and no bonus in any skill unknown to that character.

Learning Skills

When creating a character, choose a number of skills known based on your Gamemaster’s campaign power level (see Table: Campaign Power Level).

The first number are class skills and the second is cross-class skills. Note whether each skill known is a class skill or cross-class skill for your character.

A skill that is known is considered Trained and unknown skills are not. Some skills are Trained Only.

Characters can substitute a known skill for a Feat.

Campaign Power LevelTrained Skills
Low Power3 + 4
Standard Power5 + 4
High Power7 + 4
Epic Power9 + 4

Skill Modifiers

For a class skill, the skill modifier is equal to your level +3. For a cross-class skill, the modifier is equal to your level. You also add any other modifiers that apply (e.g. Intelligence modifier).

Learning New Skills

You learn a new skill at level 4 and every 4 levels thereafter (8, 12, 16, 20, etc.). As normal, characters can substitute a known skill for a Feat.