A number of adverse conditions can affect the way a character operates, as defined here. If more than one condition affects a character, apply both if possible. If not possible, apply only the most severe condition.


The hero can’t see at all, and thus the character has a 50% chance to miss in combat. Furthermore, the blinded character has a -10 penalty on her attack rolls, defense rolls and Reflex saves, along with an effective Speed of 30 feet. The character can’t make Spot checks or perform any other activity (such as reading) that requires vision.


Characters who are fatigued can’t run, swim without gear or charge, and take a penalty of -2 to Quickness, damage rolls, and Initiative, Deflection and Dodge checks. After 1 hour of complete rest, a fatigued character is no longer fatigued.


A character who has not yet acted during a combat is flat-footed, not reacting normally to the situation. A flat-footed character cannot make a defense roll.


A character who becomes stunned takes a -5 penalty to her attack rolls, defense rolls and Reflex saves, drops what she is holding, and loses two attack actions.


An attacker who is prone (lying on the ground) falls last in Initiative and takes a -4 penalty on attack rolls and can’t use bows or thrown ranged weapons. Getting up from prone is a move action.