Carrying Capacity

A character’s carrying capacity depends directly on the character’s Strength score, as shown below.

StrengthMaximum Load
110 lbs.
220 lbs.
330 lbs.
440 lbs.
550 lbs.
660 lbs.
770 lbs.
880 lbs.
990 lbs.
10100 lbs.
11110 lbs.
12120 lbs.
13130 lbs.
14140 lbs.
15150 lbs.
16320 lbs.
17340 lbs.
18360 lbs.
19380 lbs.
20400 lbs.
21420 lbs.
22440 lbs.
23460 lbs.
24480 lbs.
25500 lbs.
26520 lbs.
27540 lbs.
28560 lbs.
29580 lbs.

If the weight of the character’s gear exceeds her Maximum Load, she can carry it for a number of minutes equal to her Constitution × 4 minutes before she is fatigued. If she is performing some strenuous action, the time is halved.

Lifting and Dragging: A character can lift up to her maximum load over his or her head for a number of rounds equal to her Constitution.

A character can lift up to double her maximum load off the ground, but she can only stagger around with it. She can do this for a number of rounds equal to her Constitution × 8 minutes before she is fatigued.

A character can generally push or drag along the ground up to five times her maximum load. Favorable conditions (smooth ground, dragging a slick object) can double these numbers, and bad circumstances (broken ground, pushing an object that snags) can reduce them to one-half or less.